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Have you ever found yourself in this situation? You need to replace a plug and it seems like a simple fix so you decide to do it yourself. You’re successful at getting out the old one and installing the new one.

The problem is... it doesn’t work.

No amount of Googling seems to be helping as you can’t find the answer to your specific question. Now you’re going to have to call an electrician and pay for their time to make a housecall just to take two seconds to look at it and discover you connected the wires backward.
What if you could ask for their remote help, no strings attached? After all, it will only take a couple of minutes of their time and you won’t have to pay a service call to do it.

Now you can!

your home improvement project

Ask for Help Through Locate.Contractors

On this website, we’ve decided to try something different. Instead of forcing you to hire a contractor when you run into a snag or spend hours searching Google and YouTube for the answer to your specific query, you can ask top-rated pros for help and get an immediate answer!

Among our ranks, you’ll find:

These experts all offer local contracting and home services and have generously offered their time to help DIYers with all sorts of questions from simple to complex.

Say Goodbye to Internet Frustration

Have you ever watched one of those “how to repair your dryer” videos on YouTube and thought, “Hey, I can do that!” You set aside a Saturday afternoon and get to work, but halfway through, there’s a step that doesn’t make sense.
Maybe the dryer in the video has an extra piece that yours doesn’t have or vice versa. You wish you could ask the presenter the simple question of whether that piece is part of your dryer model. Like maybe you can skip that step if yours doesn’t have it, or maybe the dog ran off with it and you need to start searching for it

The trouble don’t know for sure.

Instead of spending all afternoon scouring YouTube for another video with your exact dryer model or endlessly asking Google about the piece and coming up empty, ask an expert instead. On you can get help from certified contractors and pros for your project — no strings attached!

How Locate.Contractors Works

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Ask an Expert for Help

To get the answer to your question, simply visit us here at and enter our Consultation Desk. Ask your question in the forum to get fast help or advice from contractors. You can also browse our forum for previous questions to see if someone has already asked the question and the answer they received can help you.

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Get Answers From Pros

We have a large database of contractors ready to answer your questions so it’s likely you’ll receive multiple answers within a few minutes. You can also interact with the contractors, asking follow-up questions and answering their clarifying questions.

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Get Some Help

You also have the option of hiring the local contractor who tried to help you. You can connect with them right here through our site and set up a convenient time for them to make a service call. You have total control over the interaction and both parties are able to agree on terms that keep everyone safe in light of the pandemic and other factors.

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